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Containment #1 : Halfbob

(We’ll keep it simple, we hope everything’s alright for all of you) Our pal Halfbob has just shared four of his comics, isn’t he a nice guy? (beware, those are french-written comics) Have a nice reading. All the best! Les

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HALFBOB : Pladylist is out

More indie rock, more black markers, and more sweet lo-fi portraits. Pladylist, the sentimental catalog of indie rock made by women drawn by Halfbob, is out today and it’s a celebration!With 3 Kim, 2 Courtney, 1 Polly Jean many more

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Pladylist by Halfbob on May 15

That’s it, it was meant to happen, it did happen, the circle is now complete. Influenza Records is excessively enthousiastic about Pladylist, Halfbob‘s first book to be released with us. It will be on wednesday May 15 and you can

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