“Songs vs. Life” out today, SOCIAL SQUARE’s first album!

As told earlier this summer, Social Square is at last releasing its first album, “Songs vs. Life“. After many EPs during all these years, it was time to make a real album with a lot of songs in it.

It was a long process, 2 years and a half in three recording studios. And the lockdowns didn’t help at all.

Since 2005 (!!), Social Square, is rough indie rock but not too rough.  A few years ago, we became a guitar-drums duo, and we added a growing number of samples, sounds and noises to our songs.

You can listen to “Songs vs. Life” everywhere : on Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp, Soundcloud
Why this title?
Because making music and having a life is a constant struggle. Because once people become adults, most of them stop the music – but we didn’t. And at last, because eventually it’s life that wins as Social Square is splitting after 15 years.

So yes, it’s sad but yes, it’s life…  
A few details:
These 13 songs where fully written and played by us, meaning Patrick on guitar and voice and Faez on drums. All sounds and samples overdubbed were created by us.

The album was recorded by Ben Auriel and Arnaud Clergue @ studio Bellagio in Boulogne Billancourt and by Guillaume Sandret and Pablo Saguez @ Ventre de la Baleine in Pantin. It was mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman in Baltimore.

As for the artwork, as usual, it’s made by Half Bob.


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