Pladylist by Halfbob on May 15

That’s it, it was meant to happen, it did happen, the circle is now complete.

Influenza Records is excessively enthousiastic about Pladylist, Halfbob‘s first book to be released with us.

It will be on wednesday May 15 and you can preorder it today on this page.

It’s a gallery of women portrayed by this disciple of Goya and Rembrandt that are included in a 52 pages booklet (15x15cm).

Inside, there are singhers, drummhers, bass and guitar playhers (with one song per drawing).
There are 3 Kim, 2 Courtney, one Polly Jean et many more that you’ll be able to discover on May 15.

In the meantime, here goes an animated gif

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