New band: Trainfantome (1st album)

(WARNING, NEW INFLUENZA RECORDS BAND IN THE WEST OF FRANCE, the whole coast is under surveillance)

It’s with a lot of happyment and emotioning that we share TRAINFANTOME, the new band in Influenza Records (aka the french indie rock Addams Family).

They’re from Nantes, their music is probably post-this, certainly indie-that, with a little bit of stuff-core and pop-something that will get you in one way or another.

Their first album, Mature Immature,  will be out on November 22 as a digital release but also as a fanzine (yeah, with paper, ink and all that stuff) and a release party will be held that very same night. You can already pre-order the fanzine on the shop.
More news pretty soon.


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