Thanks 2017

With two EP (polarbud, Social Square) and three albums (Pile, polarbird, Wonderflu), 2017 was really cool


And we wouldn’t like to be ungrateful so let’s thank:
  • Everyone who listened to our bands and attended their shows
  • All the venues and DIY bookers that booked them
  • All the mags, webzines, radios and podcasts that reviewed them and/or spread the word (even if they forgot to mention Influenza – no hard feelings)
  • The bands that invited/hosted them
  • The golden buddies that gave them a roof for the night
  • The geniuses that made videos for our bands

So, T H A N K S  for the support and happy new year everyone 🙂

(alphabetical order)

107.5 andHow (NZE)
365 Radio Network
Abus Dangereux
A Shape
Bato Batu (BEL)
Birock Radio
Bombshell Radio
Bon goût et mauvaise foi
Brokenprod (special handshake: they made video clips and booked Influenza bands)
Daily Rock (SWI)
Exitmusik (special handshake: they shared, reviewed and booked Influenza bands)
Fake Indians
Fish & Cheap Factory
Idioteq (POL)
Indie 500 Radio
Indie Rock Café (UK)
Indie Rock Mag
Kinky Star (BEL)
Kor Radio (UK)
L’Espace B
La Comedia
La Mécanique Ondulatoire
(RIP) La Playlist Rock Indé (Radio Grand Brive)
Le Pop In
Le Quartier Général
Le Sous Off
Les Oreilles Curieuses
Maximum Threshold Radio
New Noise
Noise R Us (Radio Kultura)
Ola’s Kool Kitchen
Ox Fanzine (DE)
Petit Bain
Pop, Rock & Colegram (Sud-Ouest)
RCV Lille
Rock Radio UK (UK)
Rock Velvet Radio (GRE)
Shoot Me Again (BEL)
Still in rock
Sword Radio (UK)
tcritromal records (special handshake : they make our cassettes and filmed our bands live)
The Butcher Experience
The Devil Has The Best Tuna (UK)
The Message
The Wrong Sister
Transmission, E.T Aloha and DIY Café
Very Good Trip (France Inter)
Wild Things

And, of course, thanks to the one that we’ll always thank

(if we forgot someone, sorry, please let us know)

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