Pile + The Wrong Sister + Pfau @ Olympic Café

Wednesday October 26, at the Olympic Café, there will be a big event and it will be an astounding first !

Pile @ Olympic

There will be a big event cause Pfau, The Wrong Sister and PILE, will perform on stage, yes in that order.

And it will be an astounding first because it’s the first time we set up a show for a non-french band. We’re not trying to become bookers but we like PILE a lot and we’re willing to help.

That’s it, you know everything.

Almost everything, we forgot to talk about money again.
It’s 10€.
8€ on presale.
We’re not taking anything on it, everything for the bands.

That’s it.
Nothing holds you back now.



> Partners : MOWNO and OPEN UP YOUR EARS

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