Freak Scene 2015 with Disco Doom

If you’re eager to discover wondrous music, you should consider coming to the FREAK SCENE 2015 @ La Flèche d’Or and listening to the great swiss band Disco Doom (official website).

You may not know it yet  but it’s firts class indie rock (with nice pillows and a lot of space to spread out) :

Zurich based Disco Doom have been working since the late 90s.
In 2013 they toured Europe opening for Built to Spill and in early 2014 released their new record «Numerals». During their extensively touring throughout Europe and the US in the last years, Disco Doom opened also shows for such notables as Dinosaur Jr., Deerhoof, Butthole Surfers, Lou Barlow, Giant Sand and played festivals like the ATP Festival London/UK, Filter Los Angeles/CA, SXSW Austin/TX, Treefort Festival Boise/ID, Mac Rock Harrisonburg/VA, etc.

DiscoDoomYou see?
First class. We told you so!

You listen to one of their track, it’s good and you think you already know what kind of good music they do.

And when you listen to another track, you realize you got it all wrong because it’s even better than the first one and it has nothing in common with it.

Let’s find out more about the people behind this neverending amazament.


Do you have a nice gig memory (as an audience) to share?
A show of Melvins in Zurich at the Rote Fabrik. all of a sudden all the light goes out – all black. it made the music explode in our ears – awesome experience.

Do you have a nice gig memory (on stage) to share?
Hamilton/Can: playing a small place, don’t remember the name – our guitar player falls down – not intentionally – and starts to do a ‘pirouette’ on the floor while the song goes on and he still plays the guitar…
Kutxa Festival, San Sebastian – situated on a hill with an old Luna Park, playing in a cinema/theater place with seats – not ment to host rock shows at all – and get all the people up and dance

The swiss bands you like the most (from yesterday or nowadays)?
– Music from the present :
– Music from the past:
Mani Matter

We know you’ve played with both of them, who do you think is the fastest 100m sprinter between J. Mascis and Doug Martsch?
Who can imagine the two do such a 100m sprint at all. that’s a difficult one ……
…………………………hm …………………………………………………… Doug

Can you give us one song with the word “Disco” in it and another one with “Doom”?

Disco :
Doom :

Thanks Disco Doom 🙂

And see you soon at
La Flèche d’Or
102 Bis Rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris

Event FB :


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