Around the FREAK SCENE: RawDog

If you’re looking for a good reason to come to the FREAK SCENE on saturday, October 26th, you should consider listening to RawDog (their bandcamp).

If you can’t watch the video above, it’s mainly this :

Dr Drey on vocal and drums + Mister Mike on vocal and guitar. This duo is all about pop melodies, grungy guitar and energy

RawDog liveThere.

Nothing to add.

They’re two.
They sound like they are four.

Pop and grunge at the same time.
Punchy and melodic.
Half dog and half wolf.

We asked them four questions.
Check out their answers.

A nice festival memory to share?
The Silhouette Festival invited us to a Parisian park in september. Flowers evreywhere, people really listening and short films screened.
It was super nice to play in those unusual conditions.

A bad one?
One of our first electric gigs. Bad sound. We didn’t enjoy it at all (Drey really didn’t like it). We felt that everything sounded the same – it was messy.

What would be a successful FREAK SCENE for you?
A crowded festival, people willing to pay their entry fees by rolling the dice (because it’s fun) and great rock music!

What can we expect from your presence at the FREAK SCENE (in three words)?
There will be some surprises, some featuring but I can’t tell more about it.
It will also be one of our only electric gigs before we release our album, with brand new tracks never played before. We’ve worked a lot on them so we’re eager to unleash the hounds  🙂
(so, if you really want three words (or concepts) : surprise featuring – new tracks – dogs unleashed)

Thanks RawDog 🙂

And see you soon…

Boulodrome Léo Lagrange
Route des Fortifications
75012 Paris
(Porte de Charenton)

Event FB :

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