Around the FREAK SCENE: Mincer Ray

If you’re looking for a good reason to come to the FREAK SCENE on saturday, October 26th, you should consider listening to Mincer Ray (their website).

One of their bios starts like this :

So two Americans, one mathematician & one lawyer, suddenly realized how boring their lives were so they packed a couple shirts, quit their jobs, and then flew to Berlin two weeks later.

Mincer RayWe cut what was next, it was too long (very interesting though)

If you read a little further, you start learning things about a brazilian guy that loves Pavement way too much and a mysterious swedish fourth member.

We’re not sure everybody feels the same about this story but we think it should be told somewhere. It might end up as a corny sitcom or a nice and successful american independent movie but it should  be told. Because we all want to know what goes next.

By the way, next : four questions.

A nice festival memory to share?
Ozzfest 2004: we were scheduled to play after Slayer so naturally we were a bit nervous about taking the stage right after one of the fastest & hardest bands around, but we just got up there, played our special variety of Rainbow-Freak-Pop, and the crowd loved it! We walked off the stage & into the backstage area only to hear the crowd of about 100,000 people chanting “Encore! Encore! Encore!”. We were stunned! We didn’t know what to do so we nervously walked back out on stage & said to the crowd “Alright, guys. We’ll give you one more song, if you give us… a blood sacrifice!” And before we could even say another word, the crowd had brought up all four members of U2 onto the stage, bound at the wrists & the ankles, & proceeded to crucify each one upside down on top of a pile of old Indian bones.
A truly wonderful evening.

A bad one?
Lilith Fair ’97 – ’99… we did not go over well…

What would be a successful FREAK SCENE for you?
If we had 100 women on stage, dancing naked covered in either blood or milk. …. Oh! and if we became incredibly famous afterwards.

What can we expect from your presence at the FREAK SCENE (in three words)?
Giant Lobster Statues? … Wait. … Charles Manson Fans? … No, no, no. That’s not right… Heavy Drug Use.

Merci you guys 🙂

Et à très vite au Boulodrome Léo Lagrange
Route des Fortifications
75012 Paris
(Porte de Charenton)

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