You’re looking for new bands?

You just can’t bear the Deezer & Spotify recommandations anymore?

You’re sick and tired of digging in Bandcamp (“I wish I could make a search with more than one tag…”) ?

Well, Influenza Records gave birth to your very new best friend : the BAND FINDER.


Type a kind of music and a place (let’s say indie rock and paris).
The BAND FINDER finds you the bands that are on Bandcamp and that have tagged their music with indie rock and paris.

It’s even better.

Let’s say that you’re looking for bands that are both grunge and indie rock

Yeah, the BAND FINDER finds them too
(there are only two fields to fill, we believe in you, we know you’ll manage how to do it)

Two Tags

You can search anything (“I want bands that tagged their music with sebadoh and rihanna“). It’s up to you, you know what you’re looking for…

Yes it’s great.

Have fun.

And you’re welcome 🙂

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