Viral Apéro #1: polarbird’s tracks

These are the tracks (alphabetical order) chosen by  polarbird and played during the Viral Apéro #1.

Playlist polarbird

The Buzzcocks – Breakdown
Cloud Nothings – Fall In
Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened
Dinosaur Jr – We’re Not Alone
Fugazi – Long Division
Grandaddy – Summer Here Kids
Guided By Voices – Quality Of Armor
Honey For Petzi – Post-Teenage State
Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
Mclusky – She Will Only Bring You Happiness
Melvins – Berthas
The Minutemen – Corona
Sebadoh – Rebound
Sonic Youth – Genetic
Superchunk – Throwing Things
Les Thugs – Take Me Away
Trans Am – Play In The Summer
Unwound – Murder Movies
The Wedding Present – Brassneck
Yo La Tengo – Upside-Down
Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl

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